Altar Servers

The youth of St. Angela Merici Parish can make a difference by becoming part of the Altar Server Ministry. As part of this ministry, youth have the opportunity to serve at the Lord’s Table with the priests and deacons of our parish. Service at the Lord’s Table is a responsibility and a commitment that is taken seriously by the children and their families.

Our young people can begin serving once they are in 5th grade and have successfully completed the Altar Server training program. Traditionally, we have servers who remain active until high school graduation.

The training program consists of (4) two-hour sessions and is held annually at the beginning of the calendar year. During the sessions, the youth interact with the altar server coordinators and experienced senior servers. The senior servers walk the youth through all the phases of the Eucharist. They learn how to properly put on the albs, why there are different colored cinctures, how to carry the cross and candles. They also learn the proper way to process in at the beginning of Eucharist and to process out at the end of Eucharist. They learn when to receive the gifts, how to handle the water cruet and wine decanter, the process for washing of the priest’s hands, setting the altar as well as clearing the altar. They also learn all of the terminology associated with the Eucharist.

Once the youth are trained,  the altar servers are scheduled to serve at the weekend Eucharists.  St. Angela Merici School students are also scheduled to serve the      8:00 am weekday Eucharists (on the days that classes are in session).  The more experienced servers will be recruited to serve weddings and funerals when the opportunity arises.

Each year, the Bishop of Orange celebrates the Altar Server Recognition Mass.  Hundreds of altar servers, representing parishes in our Diocese, attend this special Mass.  Each parish gets to choose one server as its “Altar Server of the Year”. These honored servers receive special recognition, blessings, a gift and certificate during the Mass.

By serving at the Lord’s Table, the youth develop closer bonds with their faith and parish community. This ministry shows our youth that, even at a young age, they can make a difference in our parish community.

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