Bible Study

“Life with God” describes how we study a book of the Bible in relationship to how we live our lives in light of Scripture. We read and study the text, discover how it relates to our daily lives as Catholic Christians in the reality of the 21st century. We strive to have a deeper relationship with our Creator: Father, Son and Spirit by discovering God’s love in the stories, letters and poetry of the Bible. In addition, I cover general suggestions on how to study the Bible in light of Catholic doctrine and teachings.

Beginning September 9, 2015 we will be studying the gospel of St. Matthew which is a 26 week study that will extend into May 2106.  We will cover all the gospel itself and look carefully at the many Old Testament quotes that the author uses to emphasize the deep significance of the Jewish origins of Jesus’ ancestry.  We will comment on how the covenant to Abraham is fulfilled in the life and death of Jesus as Messiah and enjoy the richness of his teachings in parables, the Sermon on the Mount and the Lord’s prayer (Our Father) among the many descriptions of Jesus interacting with His disciples and the many people He encounters.

When appropriate, we will consider how to study Scripture in general in relationship to this gospel in the context of Catholic teaching in order to enhance our understanding especially when reading on our own.

We will read, discuss and learn how this all relates to our live in this time and place in order that we may know and love the God who made us and who continues to journey with us as we live out our lives in the Church that He has nurtured in Jesus Christ for 2000 years.

All adults are welcome to join at any time.  We meet on Wednesday mornings, 9:15-11:00 AM at church.  Call Carolyn Mabie for more information 714/723- 8000.