Cursillo is a Catholic retreat weekend which enables participants to experience the love of Christ in their lives. It is a movement of the Catholic Church in Orange County, approved and supervised by the Bishop Kevin .  Cursillo consists of three parts –

  • Pre-Cursillo, the time before experiencing Cursillo,
  • The 3 day weekend beginning on Thursday night through Sunday.  This part of Cursillo includes daily mass, communion and visits to the Blessed Sacrament while learning to live and work together.  You will listen to talks given by priests, deacons and lay persons and participate in small group discussions.  The talks include topics which deal with life, the Christian ideal, the Catholic Faith and the Christian approach to the world.
  • Post Cursillo, known as the 4th day is the rest of your life after your 3 day weekend.   In Cursillo, we call the time when we depart the world as our 5th day.
  • Friendship Groups are encouraged and this is a group of Cursillistas (those who have completed their 3 day weekend) who have become friends and meet weekly as brothers and sisters in Christ to share their weekly faith journey in their piety, study and action.  As a rule, the men meet with the men and women meet with other women but there are exceptions – so long as they “group”.  This is a very important aspect of Cursillo as it helps with continued growth in faith and spirituality and thus makes the 3 day weekend more than just a “great weekend”.  It matures our faith which should be ongoing till we die.

For more information please contact the Parish Center Office.

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