Liturgy of the Word With Children

Children’s Liturgy is back in person starting on Sunday, June 6th! Children will attend the Liturgy during the 9:30 am indoor mass in the Sarah Room in the Church Hall. See you then!

Weekly Bulletins (Print each week or entire month):

If you have any questions please reach out to Nita Causey at (714)321-2925.
God Bless & see you soon!


Each Sunday of the year we celebrate, Liturgy of the Word With Children at the 9:30 and 12:30 Masses. Children arrive to church and are seated with their patents until the gathering rite is over. At that time the children are called forward and process out of church to a separate worship space for the Liturgy of the Word. This celebration is an extension of the main assembly’s celebration. The children will return to church after the Prayer of the Faithful.

Our program for children was developed based on the book A Child Shall Lead Them, Treehaus publishing. Our leaders have been trained in sharing the Sunday readings with children who are in elementary grades (K-6). Many of our leaders have been serving this community since the programs’ inception in February of 1999. They are truly dedicated to the spirituality of the children. As the leaders reflect on the Word, the children are asked to participate by sharing their own ideas about Jesus message to all of us.

Parents are invited to accompany their children, especially when they attend for the first time; however , children who attend regularly should be able to participate without parental involvement. The program is designed to enable parents to be fed and inspired by the Priest’s homily while their children share the same reflections on a more appropriate level.

We encourage all children who are in the elementary grades to attend Children’s Liturgy. The program is developed with their spirituality in mind. There is no registration or enrollment and all are welcome. We are always looking for volunteers interested in serving in this ministry. Join us for Children’s Liturgy any Sunday to see the various volunteer positions that are available. Training is available. See you on Sunday!

For more information, please contact Nita Causey at (714)321-2925.