Men’s Recon Group

The Recon Group is a ministry dedicated to the formation, training, and preservation of men within the missions defined for them by God across family, work, and community settings.  Its focus is on reconciliation through the grace and guidance of Jesus Christ in all mission critical relationships.

The Recon group, originally formed to assist men through the tumultuous waters of separation or divorce, has expanded its focus to include any man who is being challenged by troublesome relationships (spouses, children, parents, siblings, co-workers, employers, etc.).  It has been formulated to provide a safe, structured, and impacting environment for any man who wants to overcome any affliction of mind, body, or soul.  In short anyone who wishes to reconcile himself with important persons and critical circumstances.

Recon is short play on two words, reconnaissance and reconciliation.  Reconciliation in that its “soul” purpose is to first reconcile the participant to God and then for the participant to bring those closest to him into reconciliation with God.  Our weekly meetings are meant to create a safe place for men to share their life struggles, fears, and  ultimately to uncover their deepest desires and life purposes.

Our group meets most every Monday from 7:00 -8:30 PM in the Saint John Vianney living room of the rectory.

Our meetings consist of contemplative silence combined with prayer and individual sharing.

The Recon Group offers a safe and structured Christ-centered environment that is meant to explore areas that are keeping men from realizing their full potential in their God given roles and God provided relationships.

For more info contact: or (949) 813-3459  or