Congratulations on your decision to have your child baptized into the Catholic Church. On behalf of the parish community please accept our support as you prepare for the Sacrament of Baptism at St. Angela Merici Church.

Please Note: This information is to English Infant Baptism. Children entering the third grade should contact Lety Garcia in the Children’s Faith Formation office at 714-529-1821 EXT 132. Adults twenty six and older should contact Mary Cobb in the RCIA Faith Formation office at 714-529-1821 EXT 113.

Baptism welcomes your child into the Church family of faith and is celebrated communally (CC 856 ).


To celebrate Baptism at St. Angela’s, a family must live within the boundaries of St. Angela Merici Parish, be registered in the parish for at least 3 months or have a letter of permission from the parish in which you live. (CC 857)

Godparents must be fully initiated (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation) and practicing Catholics aged 16 years or older. (CC 873)

Parents and godparents must attend a Baptism Preparation  class at St. Angela’s or another parish and submit documentation of their attendance. (CC 851) An online course does not qualify as attendance in the Diocese of Orange.

You can register for the Baptism class by contacting Andrea Draper at 714-529-1821 EXT 136. Class is held once a month with the exception of the Lenten season.

*Parents and godparents who have attended a Baptism class at St. Angela’s or another parish in the last two years please indicate so on the registration form (if class was at another parish you must submit proof of attendance)*

A Baptism date will be scheduled when:

  1. A Baptismal registration form has been completed and submitted to the Parish Center office.
  2. Parish registration has been verified or a letter of permission has been received from the parish in which you are registered.
  3. Both the parents and godparents have completed the Baptism Preparation class.
  4. All paperwork has been received and reviewed.


  • Baptisms are held the second Saturday (subject to change) of every of every month at 10:00am (there are NO Baptisms during Lent unless in case of emergency)
  • Parents and godparents should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the Baptism.
  • The priest/deacon will need to anoint the child’s chest. Please choose clothing that can be opened at the neck. It is customary to dress the child in white.
  • The candle and blessed oils used during the ceremony will be supplied by the parish. However you may bring a special candle of your own if you wish.
  • The ceremony varies in length depending on the number of children being baptized. Anywhere from 30 minutes to more than an hour.
  • Photography and videos are permitted during and after the ceremony, but should not impede the ceremony.
  • A Baptismal certificate will be issued to the parents after the ceremony.


Following the Baptism the parish secretary registers the baptism in the parish records.


If you have just registered, there is a three-month waiting period until the Baptism date can be assigned. We ask that you use this time to familiarize yourselves with St. Angela’s community faith family and be comfortable with all we have to offer.

For further information, questions or if you would like to register for a Baptism class please contact Andrea Draper at 714-529-1821 EXT 136