Ministry to incoming high school students (summer of freshman year) 9th through 12th grade who are discerning the sacrament of Confirmation by enlightening the students with their faith through service, scripture, fellowship, community, fun, and challenges.

Description of program:

Confirmation 1 will meet every other week, not to include holidays, in the hall for about 8 months.  Confirmation 1 will be both large group and small group based to include activities, music, scripture, and faith sharing.  Small groups will be lead by FIRE, spiritual leaders, who have received the sacrament of Confirmation already and are active in their faith through the FIRE program.

Confirmation 2 will meet every other week, not to include holidays, at people’s homes, which of course have followed the Diocese policy of safe environment training and fingerprinting.  Confirmation 2 will concentrate on the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Confirmation 2 teachers will be provided a manual with lesson plans and activities.  The classes will be taught by adult leaders, FIRE team members, and BLAZE members, who practice their faith on a regular basis, go to faith events throughout the year, and be willing to go on the Confirmation 2 Retreat.

Both Confirmation 1 and 2 will have two sponsor meetings a year which must be attend by the student and sponsor, each situation where a sponsor cannot attend will be evaluated on a case to case bases.  Both Confirmation 1 and 2 will participate in Safe Environment training, which is a Diocese of Orange requirement that must be performed before the end of December of the current year.   The program is a “no miss” program, students must attend all the classes and are allowed two make-up classes which will be held every Thursday evening in the Youth Room.


High school students who do not have all of their Sacraments (Baptism and First Communion) will be directed to Kristi first. She will then send the student to the appropriate person for their needed Sacraments.

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