Merry Christmas!

My dear friends,

From all of us here at St Angela Merici Parish we wish you and your family and friends a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! Whether you’re visiting us or are longtime parishioners, your presence with us this Advent and Christmas season brings great joy to our hearts.  I hope your experience today is one filled with warmth as we welcome baby Jesus into our hearts and into our world.

It’s time to celebrate! God’s promise is fulfilled! For unto us this day a new born King has been given to us. Born in a Bethlehem manger, God came to us with a human face. In the Incarnation, the all-powerful God of the Universe embraced the fragile human race as a tiny, vulnerable baby. In a manner beyond the power of speech, God has shared His greatest gift, the gift of His Son, the very gift of His own Divine Presence. After centuries of holy men and women, of prophets, priests and kings, and their unceasing efforts to speak and act on behalf of God, God made a definitive statement, not acting remotely or from a distance, but rather coming in person to show how much He loves us and desires a personal relationship with each and every one of us. God’s long-awaited promise is fulfilled and we have received the greatest gift possible. The question for all of us today is what gift have we brought to the Birth of Jesus? It’s His Birthday, what gift have we brought to the newborn king this Christmas? Perhaps a commitment to love others a little more deeply, to forgive others a little more easily? To be a people of dialogue and peace-building, who see the dignity of all and the potential in the least?  Perhaps our gift could be a stronger commitment to our Christian faith, to live it well and to let it guide our actions and words. To be part of a community of faith that gathers each week to worship this newborn king who is Lord and Savior of all.   I know the greatest gift, the one gift Jesus treasures more than any other gift, is the gift of our very hearts and souls. To give Jesus our lives. To surrender our will for God’s will, God’s purpose and plan. This gift brought joy to Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph; the shepherds and the 3 Kings as they adored this new born baby. May this be our gift to Jesus this Christmas as well.

May your Christmas and all yours days be truly blest and Merry!

Fr Dave

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