Doing the Work of the Lord

Today we have numerous companies whose primary service it is to monitor and watch the security and activity of things that are valuable to us. Things like our personal information, credit rating, bank accounts, and credit cards, etc. We just want what’s valuable to us to be kept safe.

In our 1st reading God not only appointed Ezekiel to monitor and watch after the house of Israel but He also chose Ezekiel to be God’s spokesperson. And as God’s spokesperson, Ezekiel will be held responsible if he doesn’t care for God’s people as instructed. Ezekiel’s very own salvation depends on his being invested in the care of his people.

Saint Paul’s message to the Romans, and his message to us, also has to do with God’s expectations of those who are believers in Jesus Christ. Saint Paul paraphrases Jesus in telling the people that all the commandments are important and that the best way to keep the Commandments is to strive to get along with each other, to love one another as God has loved us. By being faithful to this great commandment to love, they will, in fact, be keeping all the commandments as passed down to them through Moses. In doing this they will meet the expectations of our Lord Jesus.

And in our Gospel today, Jesus is giving his disciples a primer on how to get along with each other and especially how to deal with someone who has wronged us.

All of our texts today lay out for us a right way and a wrong way to go about doing the work of the Lord. Yes, it is our responsibility, like it was for Ezekiel and Saint Paul, to bring others to the Lord by being the Lord’s presence to them.

We do this by guiding our children down the right path; by our words and especially by our example. And we do this by loving our neighbor regardless of the circumstances. We do this most importantly when we believe we have been wronged, then lovingly bringing it to a person’s attention and trying to reconcile.

God’s expectations are not easy. They are downright difficult. Embracing the cross of Christ requires a spiritual stamina that is only possible because Jesus has promised to be always with us, and if we’re faithful, unto eternal life.

Yes, like Ezekiel we’re called to be invested in the lives of others, loving and caring for all people as Saint Paul urges us to do, knowing that Jesus is ever at our side. Recognizing that what we do for the least of these we do for Jesus. Yes, it is our responsibility to be our brothers’ keeper.

Fr. Dave

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