Feast of the Holy Family

When I was studying with the Salesian fathers in the primary school, Fr. Gelosa told us that the word, family, just using each letter of the word could define what it means: father and mother I love you. The readings of this Sunday seems to lead us to focus on the structure of a family: father, mother and child(ren). In the first reading, Abram complained that there was no heir to inherit all the gifts that God had given him. God agreed with him and promised him and his descendents that they would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. The title of this Sunday’s liturgy also suggests that a family would consist of father, mother, and child. So what about those couples who have no children, or children who have no parents, should they be included in today’s celebration? The answer is a definitely “yes”.

You see God wants us to know that there is a bigger family, a family that’s not just limited to our own DNA structure. Time after time in juvenile hall, I heard youngsters complaint that they had never known their biological father or mother in their lives and therefore they acted up and ended up in jail. In the parish, priests also sometimes have to comfort father and mother who have lost their child and cannot be consoled. Jesus said it very clearly that whoever does the will of my Father is my father and mother, brother and sister. If we substitute the family concept of bloodline with love line, then perhaps we would be able to deal with the lost eventually. There are families that adopt children and love them as their own. St. Joseph is a good example for us. There are children who love their stepdad and mom as their own. As we celebrate the feast day of Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, God wants us to focus on a bigger picture of family and not just my DNA family. If we keep this concept in our minds then we will realize and treat all people as family members. And the world will be a better home for all people to live in.

Fr. Francis


Note: Attached video is from Father Dave’s Homily this week.

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