Feast of the Holy Trinity

The feast of the Trinity in the Church is very ancient, from as far back as the tenth century. The Word “Trinity “is not to be found in the New Testament, but it was stressed by the first generation of Christians in order to express the mysterious reality of God revealed by Jesus Christ, in which He commanded us to evangelize and baptize all people.

In the first Reading today Moses is talking to the people telling them how much God had done for them. They had seen all the signs and wonders he had done for them, including hearing his voice from the mist of the fire. Even then they had disbelief and he wanted to explain to them that they had to keep his commandments so that they and their children could prosper and have long lives forever.

In the second reading St Paul talks to us about the Spirit of God, how we are sons of God we’re not slaves to fear or anything else we might have in our hearts at this time. We received a spirit of adoption through whom we call “Abba Father“ we are children of God, therefore, we are heirs of God, isn’t that awesome!

In today’s Gospel, God shows us the Holy Trinity.  He shows us how God‘s love becomes fully human in the person of Jesus. He loves us like a father loves his children. Love is present today in our lives and will be for eternity.

God calls us to that unconditional love that a father has for a child. The Holy Spirit is God himself guiding us through this life to give us the strength and the power to move forward.
He will be with us forever taking us by the hand gently and walking with us.
Jesus tells his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. That’s what he’s telling us today, to go out and show that God gave us the Holy Spirit, to show the people around us today they too may want to be guided by the hand of the ever loving power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Trinity is a community of love and communion of persons in their private and interior lives. It is God with family, emerging from an infinite act of love because God is love. One God in three persons called in whose name we have been baptized and because of this grace we are called to have a part in the life of the Most Holy Trinity here below, in the darkness of faith, and after death, in eternal life. God is the father in his marvelous creation, and his Divine Providence, in the sun that shines for the just and the unjust, in his love for all creation, and for all of us.

Jesus is God in the flesh, in human suffering. Jesus is God made in a human visible palpable image, who cried human tears like mine, who loves with a heart like mine, who works with hands like mine, and who suffers with a body like mine. Jesus is more than just the image of God, he is the very presence of God among us, his human creatures. The Holy Spirit is God guiding us to faith, cleansing us of sin, giving us all fullness and salvation, the guest of the heart. For however ancient and old may be the faith in a nation, a people, the faith in God, one and true, is always new. Faith is to adhere to God not only with our words, faith is to adhere with all our being, including the heart.

My sisters and brothers may Almighty God bless us the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit have a blessed weekend.

Dn Ben

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