Palm Sunday

Today we begin Holy Week. It is a most solemn week in which we express our desire to live with Christ, in his Passion, his Death, and his Resurrection. Today we recall the victorious entry of Christ into Jerusalem to fulfill his Paschal mystery.

In today’s first reading the prophet Isaiah will speak to us of the Servant who sacrifices himself in service to all of us, and who is not scandalized nor is ashamed of the sacrifice in which he experiences humiliation. Brothers and sisters, in Christ we ask God the father to open our ears to hear his call and to be faithful servants like our Lord Jesus Christ is the faithful servant who suffered all of this in order to save us.

In today’s second reading, the apostle Paul invites us to follow Jesus in his Passion, humbled and mocked for all the people, and yet will be seen as exalted to the very right hand of the Father.

Today’s liturgy, with its prosecution and proclamation of the passion of the Lord, introduces us into the mystery of Christ, with his solemn entry into Jerusalem, preparing us for the events of the great Paschal Triduum. We ask ourselves, in deep surprise: How the great joyful shout of Hosanna today became “crucify him “on Friday? One answer, of course, is the manipulation of the crowds.

It was true then and it is true today, what others say, that is, public opinion is very often too powerful to resist and easily leads to the abuse of power by a small group of power seekers, as was the case with those who sought to remove Christ from their midst. This should make us humbly reflect on our own weakness in this regard, easily moved by others opinions.


We open our doors and hearts easily to him, we receive him with joy and enthusiasm, with palms and praises, but just a few days later we expel him and reject him and our praises become “crucify him” with our actions and our lives… How important it is to learn to be faithful even in the smallest details of our lives, thus to avoid crucifying Christ again in our lives? How important it is to unmask, to resist and reject those voices which subtlety and often attempt to put us against Jesus.

My brothers and sisters let us carry our daily cross looking at Christ as he walks next to us, sharing his cross with our brothers who also suffer and carry their cross, as we carry our own.  May God bless you and your families, have a blessed Palm Sunday.


Dcn. Ben Flores

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