Our Dialogue with God

The long days of summer have come to an end. School’s back in session and life seems to be getting busier and busier. It’s good to take a little break from the action to reestablish ourselves in our Church Community. If you’ve been away from St Angela’s, today we say, “Welcome Back”.  Welcome back and we missed you…..and our community the Church, the Mass hasn’t been the same without your presence. So “Thank you” for coming home to worship and celebrate God’s goodness with us, your church family.

Today in our second reading we heard Saint Paul encourage the Philippians to have no anxiety at all. This can be easier said than done. I don’t know about you but when I turn on the news I start to feel anxiety creeping in; unease, apprehension and worry. What’s our world coming to? Soon I start to lose my peace, my hope and my joy.  I think that today more than ever it’s hard for us not to get anxious at times. We can become anxious about people – about our children, our spouses, our aging parents, our friends or our nation. And then there’s our financial concerns as well. We can become anxious about our work, mortgages, car payments, tuition, the list goes on….so when we become anxious, we lose our peace. Saint Paul encourages us to enter into prayer, into dialogue with God, and set aside our anxiousness. This is not easy for us. The distractions of our daily lives often overrun our quiet moments with God, but this we must guard against. Here’s the truth: we are shocked by the violence and lack of peace in our world, and we should be, but if we can’t be at peace in our lives then how can we expect there to be peace in our world?

Dialogue with God does not need to be complicated. We tend to overcomplicate things, to excuse ourselves from following through with our prayers and our quiet time with God. Our prayer time should be simple and simply flow from the generosity of our hearts. We can and should pray anytime, anywhere.  We can begin our day in the shower, praising the Lord for another day. We can reflect on the day ahead with the Lord while we get dressed. During our commute to work or while running errands, we can invite the Lord into a difficult encounter we keep having. At lunch, we can ask the Lord’s blessing on our food and those who gather to share a meal together. Before we fall asleep, we can review the day and give thanks for what went right and ask forgiveness for what went wrong.  In the quietness of our encounter with the Lord, we will know the Lord’s peace and presence, and that peace will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

This week….let us not grow anxious, instead, try to commit ourselves to a rhythm of prayer each day. Then, as Saint Paul teaches us today, the God of peace will truly be with us and we will go on to bear much good fruit.

Blessings and peace, Fr Dave

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