Today we celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord and we see how the Apostles Peter, James and John witnessed Jesus being changed and transfigured before them, with Jesus’ face shining like the sun and his clothes becoming white as light. And then the voice of God coming from a cloud declares, this is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.

Now I don’t know about you but just like the Apostles I too would be terrified and fall to the ground in fear. And isn’t it interesting that in the midst of their fear Jesus touches them and says “do not be afraid”. These are the same words Jesus says over and over again in the scriptures and in our lives as well. Jesus is always reassuring us that fear has no place in the hearts of believers. Why? Because fear is the opposite of love. And we know that God is love and God’s perfect love casts out all fear as the scriptures remind us.

And so as followers of Jesus we should have a confidence that He will transform our fears into peace and hope. The question we face is the same the Apostle’s faced, are we willing to let the words and the touch of our Lord Jesus cast out all of our fears so that we can be more transformed into His likeness and presence?

As Catholic believers we are so truly blest as we have so many powerful ways to experience the words and the touch of our Lord Jesus. From Adoration in our Chapel, to our active involvement in ministry and most powerfully in the Sacraments, and especially at Mass and Holy Communion, the source and summit of our faith. Jesus is transforming lives! And this is what He wants to do for us today. I have personally seen the transformative power of our Lord Jesus Christ in the lives of our teens who were attending the Steubenville event. Now I’m sure some of them had their fears and concerns about attending the event and allowing the Holy Spirit to transform their lives. Much in the same way we too can be hesitant towards the words and touch of Jesus and the transformative action of the Holy Spirit. But just think of it…. teenagers giving up time they could be spending at the movies or the beach to have their faith deepened and their commitment to Jesus Christ strengthened.  How beautiful is that? They’re choosing Christ and making a difference in our world. And you too played a role in this beautiful transformation as part of your P.S.A. dollars went to supporting this event. So a big THANK YOU goes out to all of you and especially to Danny, Liz, Kristi and Tanner and all the chaperones who generously volunteered and all the parents who supported their teens. You see God rarely transforms hearts in a vacuum, it’s almost always done through a community, and in this case the good people of St Angela Merici. So hopefully we’ll hear more from some of our teens about their experience this weekend at the Sunday Masses. And so may each of us “be not afraid” and continue to allow Jesus to transform us by the power of His love.

Fr Dave

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