Are You Ready to Be Transformed?

Many lessons can be gleaned from the story of Isaac and Abraham. God appears to be asking the impossible of him: to surrender his only son through mortal sacrifice. Perhaps what is really being asked for is trust, faith and total self-gift back to God. Just as God gives Himself completely to us, we’re called to give ourselves completely to God.

Abraham, Moses, and Elijah were men of the covenant who gave their all to God, withholding nothing. In the carrying out of God’s divine plan, they prefigure Jesus Christ. Jesus gave his all to God, putting his love for God, and for us, above all else to the point of sacrificing his own life for the sake of obedience to God’s will. He now intercedes for us as, we too, strive to put God ahead of all things.

Saint Paul reminds the Romans and each of us today that Jesus always intercedes for us to the Father. To paraphrase Saint Paul: “Our God did not spare his own Son to prove how far he is willing to go for each of us. Will he not provide whatever we truly need throughout our journey of life?”

Every year on the Second Sunday of Lent, the pre-resurrection event of the Transfiguration of Jesus is proclaimed. It sets the stage for the Passion of Christ to unfold right before the disciples and helps to strengthen their resolve to endure what was coming.  Jesus gave all on the cross, his disciples too will end up giving their all…..and now we’re called to do the same so we may be transformed into resurrection glory.

Lent is a season to prepare us to be transformed into this glory and one of the best ways to do this is by going to Confession. I always recommend people attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) a minimum of twice a year. Once before Christmas and then Easter, it helps us to receive all the grace and love God wants to bless us with. To that end, please plan on attending our Parish Penance Service on February 28th from 7-8 PM. We’ll have 10 priests to help out so you won’t have to wait in line very long. The best part is that they don’t even know you.

In our Gospel, we heard how Jesus was transformed. God gives us the Sacrament of Confession to help us do the same. In this season of Lent, and in every season, may we have the grace to enter into God’s transforming power and give our all to God. Yes, even our sin.


Lenten blessings, Fr Dave

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