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Confessions will start again!

Dear friends,
More good news. We will restart Confessions this Saturday at 3:30pm in the Hall. There will be 2 separate entrances for confession. Both entrances will be from the side doors at the far end of the hall, the end closest to the rectory, not the main doors off the plaza. Please do not attempt to enter through any other doors, this will only add to the number of sins you must confess. 
Please look for the confession signs which will direct you to the entrances. Once inside the hall please move forward along the outside perimeter of the hall, close to the windows. The 2 lines will move forward along the windows to the 2 side rooms, Abraham and Sarah. After confessing you will exit through the side doors in Abraham and Sarah. Please follow safe distancing, wear a mask and sanitize your hands before entering the Hall. Again, not following the rules will only add to the list of sins you’ll need to confess. Please feel free too share this information with others.
Fr Francis and I look forward to seeing you soon.