Greeting and Welcome


We as greeters share the gift of hospitality and service. Every parishioner should feel connected to our parish community. First impressions make a difference, they are important. We want our parishioners to feel that they are a part of our St. Angela Merici Family. A simple smile has the power to brighten a day and may change a negative attitude. We perform that important function of personally welcoming each person in a warm and friendly manner before and after mass. We may also be asked to assist at other events to offer a helping hand.

What we do

Give a warm welcome
Offer the spirit of friendship and fellowship
Give information about our parish
Be of assistance to parishioners when needed


Welcome parishioners with a smile and sincere warm greeting
Be of service before and after your regular Mass time of attendance
Arrive at church at least 29 minutes before the scheduled start of Mass
Choose a greeter station: plaza, entrances off of both parking lots and the main doors.
Be seated before Mass starts

Join us in welcoming our parishioners

Let’s make a great lasting impression of friendship and fellowship!

For more information contact our coordinator, Ellie Vargas Page at (714) 328-3068